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What Is The Party Wall etc. Act 1996?

The purpose of the Act is to authorise proposed work on existing party walls, party fence walls, party structures or when undertaking work on or near the boundary with an adjoining owner.

Building owners proposing to start work covered by the Act are required by law to give adjoining owners notice of their intentions in the way set down in the Act.

The Act provides protection to both owners against damage, includes rights of entry where applicable and is designed to resolve disputes, not create them.

A party wall in broad terms is a wall that divides properties.  It can be a garden wall, but not a standard timber fence.  Building on the boundary line can be in scope and certain excavations are covered as well, depending on the depth and distance to neighbouring structures.

Adjoining owners can agree or disagree with what is proposed.  Where they disagree, the Act provides a mechanism for resolving what is then termed a 'dispute'.  This leads to a Party Wall Award which may determine the right to execute the work, the time and manner of executing the work and any other matter arising out of or incidental to the dispute, including the costs of making the award.   An Award cannot authorise interference with an easement of light or other easements in or relating to a party wall.

The Act is separate from obtaining planning permission or building regulations approval.

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We are a local company providing specialist Party Wall services across Devon.

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We provide professional services to building owners proposing work, adjoining owners and tenants living close to proposed work and designers wanting early party wall input.

We undertake free consultations to explain the Party Wall process and help determine if your proposed works are in scope of the Act.

Identification, drafting and serving of Notices.

Advice on responding to Notices already received.

Preparation of Schedules of Condition and serving Party Wall Awards.